The Old Hospital, Amsterdam

The inspiration was drawn from the old pictures, in combination with an Italian palazzo. We wanted to have clean straight line elements, like the galva doors and marble hand made pieces, the tube lights in combo with the curly elements, soft couches and off form elements. The ceilings immediate drawn us to that feeling, also the bows that were so present, gave it that look. There was already a lot of rounded walls, bows, the blathered painted ceilings. We knew immediate what we wanted to do with that, it was winter the first time we saw it, but the sun gave a beautiful warm light to it. The history of the building; combined with the almost sacred courtyard had a very palazzo energy and we wanted to keep what we saw that day. So everything we added had to have a subtle link to it. The marbles in all sorts of colors, the dramatic ceilings, the chalk paint, the off form furniture and lighting the theatrical art. From the very first concept sketch, this was the starting point.

Pictures by Francisco Noguiera

Going West